Getting to Know the Various Jackpots of Poker Gambling Games

27/07/2022 by - Poker

Getting to Know the Various Jackpots of Poker Gambling Games

Getting to Know the Various Jackpots of Poker Gambling Games – In poker gambling games we also know what is called a jackpot or commonly referred to as the main prize / side prize. Jackpot itself is one way for online poker companies to make players a little happier with their losses, where the replacement of the jackpot prize bonus is enough to restore the gambling players’ capital. Well on this occasion we will talk about the famous poker gambling jackpot, even so it turns out that there are still many players who are confused about the order. For that, please take a good look at the poker jackpots from the highest to the lowest.

Get to know the various online poker jackpots

  • Super Royal Flush
    This first jackpot is the biggest jackpot of all online poker gambling games, all players agree that this jackpot is highly anticipated when the game starts. The value of the prizes offered is of course very large, even though the capital you spend is small, you can get a prize of 30 million on the condition that you buy a jackpot of only Rp. 1000 for each round of the game. So all players get the same opportunity to get this one jackpot. The super royal flush jackpot card has a combination of A, K, J, Q , 10 with the same interest.

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  • Straight Flush
    Next, the jackpot card that is no less interesting for us to discuss is the straight flush which is actually almost similar to the royal flush, only the difference is the size of the card. If a straight flush is a combination of cards that must be obtained both at the table and the hand must be sequential, for example 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 with the same interest. So this combination is actually more like a royal flush but it is the size of the card that makes the difference. The prize given to players who get this straight flush card jackpot is 1,200,000 by buying the jackpot value from each game of Rp. 1000 rupiah. All players also have the same chance of getting a straight flush.


  • Four Of Kind
    Furthermore, the jackpot value that is no less interesting to be obtained by every online poker gambling player is the Four Of Kind which is the jackpot that often comes out at the table. Four of a kind or 4 twin cards is a jackpot with a combination of 4 twin cards for example 2, 2, 2, 2 both on the table there are 3 cards and a 1 card hand or 2 table cards and 2 hand cards. This special prize from the jackpot is enough to compensate for your losses when playing poker, which is Rp. 250,000 by buying a jackpot value of Rp. 1000. all players get the same chance. Interesting right ?


  • full house
    While this last jackpot combination is included in the smallest jackpot of the three above, where the prize is not as big as the jackpot above. A prize of Rp. 10,000 will be given to players who have a full house combination by buying a jackpot of 1000 rupiah. We take the full house combination as an example, for example: AAA, KK or 10, 10, A, A, A and so on.Now from here you should understand what types of online poker jackpots exist and apply to date. All players will get the same opportunity to be able to feel the prizes from the jackpot above. Thanks for visiting and good luck.

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