Motivation to Become the Top Player of Poker Gambling

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Motivation to Become the Top Player of Poker Gambling

Motivation to Become the Top Player of Poker Gambling – To be able to get the title of the top player in an online poker gambling game, you can motivate yourself in several ways.

Why do we play poker? But especially why do you play poker? This may strike you as a strange question but it is very important for your future success in the world of idnplay poker. The reasons why you play poker are at least the same as the way you play poker.

Motivation to Become the Top Player of Poker Gamblinggg

We can somehow categorize the reasons why we play poker, we can properly analyze them and after that we can use them to improve our actual playing style.

If we could ask several hundreds of players “Why do you play poker?” there’s a pretty good chance that their answer will be “For the money”. But if we could access their last year’s statistics we would see that some just didn’t win any money at all, or at least that they didn’t win more that they lost. If money is the only reason these people play their poker why do they keep doing it? Of course, there are more answers that they don’t really want to admit. This is because there are many other motivations that drive us to play poker only as big as the desire to win a lot, but many of them are bigger.

And when you come to think about it, you can surely find many many reasons: fun, love of the game, competition, making friends, desire to beat the best there is in the world of poker, and the list could go on and on. But if you understand the various reasons behind your games you will eventually succeed in changing your views on winning and losing or you will be able to choose the perfect game suited for you, the ones that will bring you the most success.
In his book, “Psychology of Poker”, Alan N. Shoonmaker explains in detail the importance of understanding personal impulses in order to find answers to the question “Why do we play poker?”

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