The Reason for Losing Continues to Play Online Slots

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The Reason for Losing Continues to Play Online Slots

The Reason for Losing Continues to Play Online Slots – Losing in playing online slots is a common occurrence. In fact, gamblers lose more money on slot machines than anything else in casinos.

The main reason why slots take the most money from players is because they are more popular than other casino games. However, popularity is not the only reason why slot machines drain money so quickly.

If you lose money with this game, don’t feel bad. You are among the millions of gamblers who consider slots to be their weakness.

But again, you don’t have to be exactly like these other players. What you need to do is identify the main reason why you lost in the joker88 slot and fix the problem.

I’ll cover seven possible reasons why you lost and what you can do to change things up.

Choosing Low Paying Slot Games

Return to player (RTP) determines how much a slot machine is programmed to pay back in the long run. A higher RTP means you have a better chance of winning.
However, as important as this concept is, many gamblers ignore RTP. Even if they know what this term stands for, they may still ignore returns and just pick games based on theme, graphics, and features.
Dollar Slot Machines in Casino
You should definitely choose a slot machine that you find entertaining. After all, the point of playing slots is to get as much entertainment as possible.
But you should at least pay attention to the payout percentages and what they mean for your money. Below, you can see a comparison between the two slots and how much you could theoretically win playing each slot.
Slot A offers 95% RTP (5% house edge)
You bet $1,000 on this game
1,000 x 0.95 = $950 in theoretical win with Slot A
Slot B offers 90% RTP (10% house edge)
You bet $1,000 on this game
1,000 x 0.90 = $900 in theoretical wins with Slot B
RTP is not the only determinant of how you will play with a particular slot machine (see volatility). However, you should definitely still consider the games that give you the best chance of winning.

Playing at Too Fast Speed

Slots move faster than other casino games. This machine allows players to make 500 or more spins per hour.
This setting keeps the action and stimulation constant. However, it also puts your money on the edge of the house more often.
You might look at a $10 blackjack table, for example, and see an expensive game. But what doesn’t count is that the average land-based blackjack table sees only 60-90 hands per hour.
Betting $1 per spin on a slot machine doesn’t seem very expensive compared to the $10 minimum blackjack bet. This thought goes out of the window, when you’re doing 600 to 700 spins per hour.
You should also know that slot machines have a higher house edge than most other games. This fast rate of play combined with a bigger house advantage can lead to serious losses.
Here’s a comparison between land-based blackjack tables and slot machines on the downsides:
You bet $1 per spin on the slot machine
You bet $1 per spin on the slot machine
You do 600 laps in an hour
The game has a house advantage of 7%
600 x 1 x 0.07 = $42 in theoretical slot loss
You bet $10 per hand at the blackjack table
You play 60 hands in an hour
The game of blackjack has a house advantage of 1.5%
60 x 10 x 0.015 = theoretical loss $9

Chasing Comp

Many gamblers see the company as one of the most profitable parts of playing slots. After all, who doesn’t love getting a free meal after a long session?
You are certainly entitled to take this prize every time you play a slot machine. But you shouldn’t get so caught up in the competition that you start playing longer just to get it.
Gambling companies are not everything. In fact, your theoretical losses will far outweigh their worth.
Here’s an example:
You bet $2,000 on a slot machine
Comp rate is 0.1%
2,000 x 0.001 = $2 as a gift
The house edge of the game is 5%
2,000 x 0.05 = $100 in theoretical loss
100/2 = 50
Theoretical loss is 50x higher than comps
You can see above that you only get a 0.1% ratio, which is common in land-based and online casinos.
I’d like to see the casinos raise rates to better reflect the high house profits with most slots. 0.2% or 0.3% seems to make more sense when considering that slot machines have a big house advantage.
In fact, these rates used to be common in casinos until the 2000s. Unfortunately, gambling establishments are much more stingy with prizes.
Therefore, you should never extend a session just to upgrade to a free hotel room or lobster dinner. You’re better off paying for these items outright, than playing to get them.

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